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Sweet Potato & Veggie Enchilada Bake

Yield: 4-6 meal portions

This Sweet Potato Quinoa and Veggie Enchilada Bake is a healthy, easy and delicious vegan dinner! It's full of veggies and can be made a few days in advance. Get the recipe: https://www.shelikesfood.com/sweet-potato-quinoa-veggie-enchilada-bake/ and watch the video on that web page for a complete how to. It's easy!!!


Monika's Vegan Soup

Yield: 10-15 meal portions

Monika's Vegan Soup - 100% of all essential proteins for a balanced diet in one bowl of soup. Basically no fat and absolutely no cholesterol in this masterpiece. I ran it through a Diet analyzing program and found it met all the requirements of a healthy balanced diet that when combined with 5KM of walking per day creates a healthy, lean and strong body that will eventually reach its ideal body weight with a body mass index (BMI) of 21. We all need a bit of fat in a balanced diet but we need the unsaturated type and Hummus delivers a nice balance of bean protein and healthy fats to a fat free vegetable/vegan soup meal.


CHIP Program - personal testimonial

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I had a heart attack in 2003 that, statistically, should have killed me. My odds of surviving were 50/50. I knew this statistic from previous study and I was horrified at the possible consequence of the predicament I found myself in. I was confused and upset because I had done everything right - I thought. I had  faithfully  eaten the Canadian government approved "Heart Smart" diet - I had kept thin – sort of - I never had any pains or big medical problems. I never smoked and I only had a shot of booze on birthdays. I was always careful. I had no hint this was coming and then BAM!!! I was on the floor – dead – almost.


Quinoa Chili

Yield: About 6 servings

Quinoa Chili  - This is one of our favorite recipes passed on from a friend who dropped off this dish to help out Monika after she had surgery on her hands. We loved it as it is described below and since then we have ventured to add even more spicy heat but it isn't necessary for most tongues that might venture down the chilly path. We have since served it to many friends that can't imagine eating chilly without beef but they couldn't tell and immediately asked for the recipe as it was the best tasting chilly they every had. Not a bad endorsement for this recipe. We enjoy it on a regular basis and have added it to our household repertoire.


Rockin Moroccan Stew

Yield: 8 Servings

Rockin Moroccan Stew - If you want a great taste of the Mediterranean Vegan palate then this one is a winner and loved by anyone brave enough to try it. It sounds exotic, and it is, but it isn't. For those afraid of chick peas - don't be. That is what Hummus is made of - for those afraid of Hummus - don't be. It is the butter for bread in countries too hot for butter and no refrigerators to store it in. Those Mediterranean and Arab cultures have a great thing going with foods like this. Full of Protein, no sugar, no cholesterol, just the right amount of fiber, all the necessary vitamins, healthy fat and lots of iron to keep your blood oxygen rich as well as some really amazing spices to tantalize your taste buds. You will be surprised at how great this tastes and then you'll be asking for more recipes from that part of the world. Serve it on a plate with rice on the side. We love to put rice on a plate and smother it with this stew - that tends to make it a perfect meal in our house. You can also just eat it with a flat bread instead of rice - like they would.

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