I read an article (So, let’s conquer those carbs) in the paper this morning that claimed that carbs were the enemy of anyone trying to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t believe my eyes – the paper was dead wrong in spite of the obvious truth that you can’t live without carbs.

Here is a quick education about the truth regarding carbs and for those who don’t mind reading a bit more there are 4 pages of quick points that will change your life forever.

First – the enemy is not carbs by themselves. Without carbs, we die. Simple fact. We all need carbs to live.
Second – the only reason you lose fat/weight on an Atkins diet is that it forces your body into a state of ketosis (starvation) because your body is fed protein and fat from that juicy steak which cannot be converted into anything useful without the glucose found in carbs. You’ll feel full but in effect, you are starving yourself. As a long term diet or lifestyle choice – you will die – not recommended by any people who want to live a bit longer.
Third – the cells in your body only consume fuel packaged in glucose/sugar because the walls of your cells are designed to only allow glucose to pass through them.
Fourth – the enemy is excessive fat and sugar found in all processed foods which typically concentrate the calories by 16-20 times their natural density by removing the fiber and delivering delicious taste concentrated treats like potato chips or white sugar or refined flour products like donuts and milk products like cheese.
Fifth – wheat in of itself is wonderful and a good food – it is what we do to it before we eat it that is all wrong.

It just happens to be that what they incorrectly identified as carbs being the enemy is not the carbs themselves but the processed food products we eat/drink that have eliminated a very necessary component from our diet – fiber. Without fiber (which has no actual calories attached to it) your body doesn’t have to work near as hard to squeeze/wring out the natural sugars/glucose that it needs to survive. In fact, the body doesn’t have to work at all at extracting the calories from refined foods that have an increased concentration of 16-20 times more than that found in natural food that is eaten as grown.

coverIf you were to eat food as grown such as fruit, vegetables, whole grain bread instead of refined flour bread you would be full with much fewer calories consumed. You would also find yourself without the cravings for a snack between meals because your body would be constantly releasing glucose from those carbs over a matter of hours instead of minutes as it squeezed those calories out of the fiber as it was meant to do from the beginning of time. Another amazing result would be that you would find your body losing weight and fat at a rate of one to two pounds a week until you magically reach your “Ideal” body weight. Your Ideal body weight is scientifically calculated and recognized by the medical and insurance industries as the correct bodyweight for your height and body frame to ensure a healthy long term life. Another amazing result is that you’d find your body holding its weight at that ideal body weight for the rest of your life if you stuck with the natural diet. One of the greatest side benefits is that if you eat this natural fiber rich food you can eat all you want and never gain excess weight over your ideal body weight again. It’s impossible because that fiber in the natural food would fill you well before you could cram enough calories down your throat to gain any significant weight.

Did you know that 90% of the world population doesn’t suffer from the 20 top killer diseases that we do in North America and North Europe? In 90% of the world’s population, the poor people don’t suffer from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, gout, colon cancer, osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s. Why? Because these diseases are all symptoms of a common cardiovascular disease – clogged arteries – caused by the excesses of our affluence. If your arteries are clogged then they can’t deliver the amount of oxygen your body’s cells require – once they start to starve for oxygen then they break down, deteriorate and even mutate into malignant forms of cancer.

coverDid you know that those 90 % of the people in the world also live as long or longer than we do in North America and they do it without any extended medical care or medicine? These same people also die at a nice old age without the ravages of diseased suffering and have 100% of the bone density that they had when they were teenagers even though they don’t have calcium supplements in their diet.

Did you know that the more meat you eat the quicker you will suffer from osteoporosis? It’s not the meat that is the problem it is the excessive protein that we consume. A person only needs about 50 grams of protein a day and the typical daily North American diet has 150-200 grams of protein in it. Up to the 50 grams of protein a day intake, there is no noticeable deterioration in bone mass but the deterioration kicks in and escalates for every 10 grams over that daily amount you take in until you are guaranteed to have brittle bones.

We are the only general population in the world that can afford a feast consisting of the fat of affluence on a daily basis. Who else in the world gets to choose to eat steak and butter and sour cream on their baked potato on a daily basis? Who else in the world can afford a dozen beer a day for personal consumption? Who else in the world can afford a $3.00 bag of potato chips as a snack when $3.00 is a month’s wages in other parts of the world?

Why is it that atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis is only found in North America and Northern Europe and amongst the ruling class of most populations in the world? It’s because they can afford to eat the fatty and rich foods found in meat and refined/processed foods.  coverWhy can over 80% of the diabetics in North America be off the insulin and cured in less than 4-6 weeks by a simple change in their diet? Because the adult-onset diabetes is simply a result of overindulgence in carb concentrated foods like those found in all “processed” foods like white refined sugar, refined flour, beer, liquor, donuts, candy bars, crackers, potato chips and soda pop. Did you know that over 95% of what ails us and 100% of the pills we take to combat these sicknesses can simply be fixed or eliminated with a proper diet?

Did you know that your body needs fat but not near as much as we cram down our throats every day. Our bodies need about 25-50 grams of fat a day to be healthy. It’s used to create the myelin around our nerve cells in our brains and body to protect them so that they can communicate properly and relay those important messages like pleasure, pressure and pain. A typical North American diet consists of about 200 grams of fat a day. Do you know what your body does with this excess fat? It stores all of it for a rainy day.

Did you know that a healthy diet requires you to consume about 2000 calories a day and that you can only burn off 250-300 calories an hour if the exercise is extreme? Most exercise only consumes about 150-200 calories an hour. Did you know that a single tube of Pringle Potato Chips has over 1200 calories? How long and hard would you have to run or swim to wear that off? Too long for my liking.

Did it ever occur to you that our Health Care system is not that at all but actually a disease treatment system? Have you met any doctors that actually get paid by the government to give you actual health advice? That would be impossible because the government doesn’t pay doctors to give health and lifestyle advice – it pays them to prescribe medicines and surgery instead of addressing the core causes of the symptoms of these diseases of excessive consumption. Ask your doctor – he’ll confirm this fact to you.

Did you know that our doctors are doctors of “Medicine” – not doctors of “Health”? Do you know why their profession is the only one other than lawyers that officially “practices” it’s trade? Everyone else has to be certified and guarantee their performance. Ask your local carpenter, plumber or mechanic and they’ll tell you how nobody would show up at their door if they advertised that they were only practicing. Do you know why they are only practicing? It’s because the human body is so complicated and the variables of diet and lifestyle are so varied amongst us that they could never begin to know it all enough to make any guarantees. They are nothing more than well-educated technicians doing the best they can with limited knowledge about an incredibly large field of topics. If you think your doctor knows everything that I am referring to I would have to disagree with you. They know a bit about a lot of this which is much more than most of you reading this material. I don’t know near as much as them about all of the medicine but I do know of what I speak in this topic area because I have lived it first hand and studied it to make certain that I don’t suffer unnecessarily from this point forward in my life.

Did you know that these doctors are not doctors of health they are prescribers of “Medicine” sold to them by roving drug reps who take them out for lunch and commission them to push the latest silver bullet fix or cure that comes in a promising magic pill? If these doctors didn’t have a population of ignorant people believing that doctors can fix anything with a pill or a stronger medicine than the last doctor prescribed they wouldn’t have any business because we would all be too educated and sensible to believe the lies that the result of years of bad habits can be “cured” by a magic pill. Remember this, pills don’t cure anything they just mask or relieve the symptoms. You actually have to change your bad habits and stick to proper and healthy habits to cure or prevent these common problems from occurring.

Doctors aren’t to blame for any of this. It is our cultural belief that anything can be fixed with money or a magic pill or surgery and that doctors are able to perform miracles even when we don’t deserve a miracle. In many ways, they can but I have plenty of sympathy for all of those doctors who went into medicine to save the world and found out that we, as a general population, didn’t want to be saved – we just wanted good old snake oil to fix our self inflicted woes. Any doctor worth his salt will tell you how tired he is of listening to people complain about their pains and suffering when it is quite obvious to anyone other than the patient that they are too fat, smoke too much or drink too much alcohol. A doctor can’t fix this but somehow we’ve come to expect that he can. Can you imagine how depressing it is to face the same stupid people day after day when all he wanted to do was save lives and perform real miracles? I, personally, love doctors and know that we need them for the important stuff such as life-saving corrective surgery or the treatment of bacterial infections. Why are we wasting this expensive and limited resource on our own self inflicted suffering when we could all do our part and make a lifestyle change to prevent 90% of what we go to see the doctor about.

Why is it that healthy races such as Asians and Africans suffer from these diseases only after moving to North America or Europe? If you were to take a serious look at world population health studies you would find that moving to North America or Europe is apparently a very risky proposition from a health point of view for these races. These same people as a general population in their home countries never suffer from our killer diseases until they move to North America. Why? They eat lots of carbs at home but these carbs aren’t processed and concentrated into killer snacks – they are consumed as they are naturally grown with fiber. In these parts of the world the staple food base is composed of corn or rice or maize – all highly carb based – why aren’t they suffering from our diseases?

Why is it that these healthy populations don’t plan meals around a piece of dead meat as we do in North America? In those countries, meat is a garnish on the side of the plate – not the centrepiece. In many cases, meat is only eaten once a year to celebrate the harvest feast. Why? It’s because animals are much too valuable as beasts of burden or as a source of wool to kill for a day’s worth of meat (no refrigerators). Animals also consume 20 times their weight in grain before they can be killed for food – a very expensive proposition and a wasteful solution on limited land for people with limited resources.

coverWant to know what staying on the Adkins diet and eating low or no carbs will do to you? Study the native Eskimo populations in the world and you’ll find 100% of them with advanced osteoporosis and heart disease and strokes by the time they are in their forties and early fifties. What did they eat? Nothing but meat.

Did you know that at the turn of the 20th century – 1910 – the most famous and experienced heart disease surgeon in New York had only seen 6 verified cases of heart attacks and heart disease in his 40-year career? It didn’t exist then unless you were rich and ate a feast every day. At that time the healthy North American population ate a diet that was mostly carb-based with little or no refined or processed foods and little meat. These days the North American diet has flipped over and exists almost entirely of meat/fat and refined foods.

Did you know that during and after World War II that the general European population suddenly had a verifiable drop in heart disease from being rampant before the war to almost non-existent after the war and it didn’t start to rise again until the late 1960s and now they have passed and surpassed the North American stats? Why? It’s because all of their meat was confiscated to feed the roaming armies and everyone else was forced to eat vegetable material only. Ask your elder European relatives – they’ll confirm the diet they were forced to eat. And did you know that during this same period the North American population continued to have increased health problems due to their continued consumption of these fatty and refined foods?

Did you know that the majority of health-related food quality problems in the world are the result of bacteria only found on rotting dead carcasses or cadavers of meat called cordon bleu, roast rack of lamb, thanksgiving turkey or whatever you want to call these things so that you aren’t reminded about how this piece of meat got to have such a prominent spot on your table? You can dress it up any way you want but it is still dead meat full of potential e coli bacteria or mad cow disease or salmonella that will surely kill you if you don’t kill them first. Have you ever heard of grain or vegetables or fruit spreading this type of killer bacteria – not unless it was contaminated with fecal material (manure) from these animals being sprayed on them to make them grow faster and you decided not to wash it before eating it raw?

Did you know that cholesterol is only found in animal-based foods/products such as meat, milk, butter, cheese and yogurt?

Did you know that your body produces all of the cholesterol it needs on its own without any input from animal product consumption? Our body needs cholesterol to heal damaged arteries and produces about 500 milligrams of cholesterol a day from our liver to combat the ravages of living. Our body stores excess cholesterol in our arteries for emergencies but the problems start when we take in more cholesterol than we need – eventually clogging our arteries – the only place our body knows where to store the cholesterol. A typical North American diet can have up to 2000 milligrams of excess cholesterol a day. Where do you think it is storing it? Where did it come from? You’re catching on if you answered that it is stored in your clogged arteries and it comes from animal products.

Did you know that when your doctor says you have “normal” cholesterol that doesn’t mean “healthy” that just means normal and in North America “normal” means that 80% of you are guaranteed to have a heart attack or stroke before age 65? The tragic part is that all of this is preventable with a simple change in diet. Do you know how expensive having a heart attack or stroke is in both monetary and personal anguish costs? What makes you so special that you would even begin to think you are not one of that 80 %. I don’t like the odds and intelligently wouldn’t sit back and wait to find out when all I had to do was become a bit more informed – would you? I also know that most of us all think that we have the time to change our ways before it is too late and that we can change later because we feel just fine today.

Did you know that for 50% of men the first symptom of heart disease or stroke is death?

coverDid you know that for 65% of women the first symptom of heart disease or stroke is death? That’s right – women are at higher risk than men but not until after menopause. Apparently women are naturally protected from their high cholesterol during their childbearing years but their bad habits and cookies and cake catch up with them once the estrogen slows down.

Did you know that a doctor can usually guess your blood pressure by simply taking your age and adding a 100 to it? So if you were 50 years old your blood pressure would likely be 150 over 100. Why is this? It is only because your arteries are clogging at a predictable rate due to your “normal” eating and exercise habits. Your body needs a certain amount of oxygenated blood to remain healthy and will magically do everything it can to assure this amount of oxygen – including increasing your blood pressure to push the same amount of blood it usually takes to supply the oxygen through an ever decreasing set of pipes – your clogged plumbing called the arteries. Did you know that if you have a high-fat diet that the fat actually impedes the supply of oxygenated blood to your body because it actually is floating around in your arteries and displacing what would have been oxygenated red blood cells?

Did you know that those poor people around the world without our fat drenched diets still have the same low blood pressure that they had as teens when they die at the age of 100? Why are they so lucky? Or better still why are we so stupid? Why are we willing to hurt ourselves so much because of what we love to eat and drink that is so bad for us? Remember when you were a teenager and said that you would never be caught dead being as stupid as your parents seemed to be? So why would you eat the same diet that is killing or has killed them? Why would you teach your children how to eat fatty fast food so that they can kill themselves sooner.

coverDid you know that for the first time in history parents are outliving their children? The older grandparents of today didn’t have fast food, trans fats and busy lifestyles that left no time for recovery. They actually had meals at home with foods as grown served on their tables every day and many of them still do. Their children – the baby boomers – are dropping like flies. This is tragic as any parent will tell you they never want to see their children die before them. It’s a normal reality these days. Do you think differences in diet and lifestyle are the reasons for this anomaly – you bet it is. And now the children of the boomers are being diagnosed with old people’s diseases as early as 12 and 13 years of age. All because of diet. note: there are no diseases from old age just diseases from abuse from bad diets or lack of exercise.

I could go on for a hundred pages more making the points that should be becoming clearer to you now if you actually read this far – it’s not the carbs – it’s the excessive fat and carbs delivered by meat and manufactured foods. You could in fact categorize meat as processed food because meat also takes naturally occurring carbs and stores them in a high energy form called meat after these poor animals consumed 20 times their weight to produce this meat we choose to eat. The meat also has something that makes everything taste richer – fat. Fat also is the highest refined form of carbs – the same stuff that is collecting around most peoples’ waist and clogging their arteries. Fat is the very thing you are trying to reduce in a diet. Why would eating more fat make any sense to anyone who thinks about it for a minute and sincerely wants to lose fat?

All that I have written about is easily verifiable and the result of hundreds of studies around the world by the best research scientists the world has ever seen and they all came to the same conclusions. These conclusions were so compelling that our governments tried to legislate new dietary guidelines that reflect these facts and were subsequently threatened by lobbyists for the special interest agricultural industries called dairy, beef, chicken, eggs and pork who told our governments that they should bury these guidelines or risk being voted out by the millions of citizens who work in these industries and ignorantly consume the very foods that are killing them and causing so much grief due to incredible health costs as a result of this excessive consumption of fat and refined foods.

Did you know that the food pyramid that we all reference is not actually the result of government recommendations but is the result of industry lobby groups? If you don’t believe me then ask yourself – why did the US government release their last dietary guidelines in 1977 – 23 years ago? It’s because all the research was already conclusively done again and again and always with the same results and they always pointed to the facts that I am trying to relay in this letter.

In the end, it wasn’t politically sound advice to tell people what they didn’t want to hear. I believe that the scientists and research doctors did their jobs to expose these facts and to make their recommendations to move back to foods as they were originally meant them to be eaten but I also know that politics are what run our country and that we, the people, really don’t want to hear what’s best for us – we just want to hear what helps us justify our bad habits and big business loves bad habits – there are lots of profits in supplying our vices.

So ….. did you learn anything today?